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emie grace

Whether you’re pregnant, a new mother or just someone who’s interested in beauty, welcome. I’m Grace Timothy, a freelance writer with a background in fashion and beauty. I’ve written for Vogue, Glamour, Sunday Times Style, Allure, Stylist,, Red, Tank and, and started this blog when I was Contributing Beauty Editor at Glamour.

I was flummoxed during my pregnancy as to how to look after myself with all the rules imposed on pregnant women. I looked and felt terrible, with gestational acne, greasy hair, eczema, stretch marks…I did not ‘bloom’ once. So I investigated – are spray tans really a no-no? Can dyeing your hair really harm your unborn child? Isn’t there a massage that can soothe your aching back without squashing your bump? In September 2012 my daughter was born and I discovered that motherhood too threw up a whole new raft of needs (and products) I had no idea existed. Now I’m a bit obsessed, and thankfully have access to some of the beauty industry’s top brains for the best possible advice.

I am not suggesting for one minute mums should feel any pressure to look amazing at all times, I’m more interested in the stuff that makes you feel good, the little pick-me-ups and ways to recapture your old self in the midst of sleepless nights, an expanding belly or negotiations with a toddler… Like Vogue with a Ventouse…

Follow me at @mumface on Twitter and @mumfacegrace on Instagram.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, dermatologist or midwife. I am seeking advice from the top experts in their field, but please check with your healthcare professionals if you are trying new products during your pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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