New Year, New… oh sod it, never mind.


It’s the headline I dread as a beauty writer. In fact, I refused to write a piece under it last year and this year nobody asked. I think perhaps the tide is turning away from thinking January is a good time to start dieting and detoxing yourself into misery? Let’s hope so. Because I say: don’t go changing. In fact, I am still eating cheese boards for lunch and having a little Prosecco party most evenings. I am going to up the yoga content of my life this year, just not at the precise second while I’m still nursing the ribs of an infected chest and a fully stocked inbox. Nope, I am enjoying a sloth’s entry to the new year, looking forward to the new opportunities and soon-to-be-changing seasons without denying myself a single thing. Give yourself a break.

What I am doing though, is a whole lot of restorative bathing. I’m back on the relaxing lavender essential oils (one of the only things I trust not to disrupt the pH balance of my bits when bathing) and despite the abundance of central heating, my skin is actually smoother and softer than it’s been in ages thanks to a well-timed return to my favourite moisturiser: Pestle + Mortar Hydrate. I’ve been writing a big skincare feature for a magazine which required me to try a bunch of new serums and creams, and while some have been awesome, my skin is clearly pleased that I’ve reverted back to my usual routine. Because sometimes getting back to the OLD you is the best bit about the post-Christmas period. 


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