HAUTE MAMA: Olivia Chantecaille


Olivia Chantecaille has serious beauty pedigree – Chantecaille is simply one of the most beautiful luxe makeup and skincare brands there is. But what does a true product maven do when she’s pregnant and then has a daughter? I was very excited that Olivia agreed to be one of our Haute Mamas, and even more excited when I learnt of her new launch…. GT

“Being pregnant was wonderful and terrible. Some days I felt practically omnipotent like a pregnant superhero that never gets sick. Other days, I could hardly stand the exhaustion and insane nausea, but somehow looking back it doesn’t seem that awful.

When I was pregnant, I was grateful that I didn’t have to adjust my skin-care routine very much. It was reassuring that everything I was using was safe for my baby and me. I couldn’t get enough of our Pure Rose Water to refresh especially during the summer. I actually went through a couple bottles in the hospital to help calm and soothe; plus, it’s anti-bacterial.

I did pre-natal yoga, which really helped to keep my muscles feeling limber as my belly grew. It was also great for deep-breathing which I feel like I never do enough of. I mostly did acupuncture which I think really made a difference in how I felt at every stage of my pregnancy.

Delphina’s birth inspired me to create our new collection, Chantecaille Bébé. I was looking at all the organic and natural baby skin and bath care products on the market and found them to not be up to par with the products I used on myself.  As a new parent I was nervous about making mistakes. I wanted products that I trusted implicitly—pure, high-quality, safe formulas that were created with integrity. So I made them. All the products are entirely natural and organic and certified by COSMOS. There’s the Wild Moss Rose body lotion, Flower Petal hair and body wash, and Orange Blossom face crème. They all use the wild moss rose, which is clinically proven to be calming, soothing and anti-itching. Another big difference is that we use a flower water base instead of plain water, which adds additional soothing, calming properties.”



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