Mumflu: now you HAVE to have some me-time


I absolutely love December (mince pies, parties, presents) and HATE December (snot, vomit, phlegm) – it’s like playing some kind of germ-roulette everytime you step out the door. (Yes, I have OCD – let’s just move swiftly past that and onto the beauty bit…)

This year, we have been surfing the sub-par wave as a family – one feels a bit rough just as the other recovers to nearly-normal. But basically we are all one infectious friend away from flu. I am mainlining chicken bone broth, Echiniforce, Vitamin D and Vitamin C, but the nicest thing I’ve actually ENJOYED using is MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion £27.50 for if you’re feeling a bit rough, feel like you’re about to feel rough, or have full-on stinking flu. OR a hangover, as it turns out. The heady mix of peppermint and fennel really clears your head, and even better: when I bathe in this before bed I wake up with the silkiest skin. Now fennel is often warned off for pregnant women, so I wouldn’t risk it. But if you’re all clear, this is a Mumface wonder.

So take the time this month to wallow, indulge and breathe. xx




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