DADFACE: Daimon Barber Serum for your beard

beard_and_stubble-serum-coMy husband, Rich, ladies and gents. This review of a rather tasty beard serum has been edited because it was filthy. But essentially, it’s worth sharing because this is the kind of product that the man likes to use but that also benefits the much-kissed babies and partners. One for the Christmas stocking, perhaps? GT

When I became a father I accepted that there would be inevitable change and a degree of sacrifice. Sleep, for example, was something I was particularly fond of. I was also partial to a spot of ‘not watching CBeebies’.  Obviously delights like these had to go in favour of my kid.

But I WAS surprised to find that routine things of my daily life would also be interfered with.  Things such as going to the loo without someone watching you, or leaving the house without having to hunt down my shoes first, usually finding one behind the bin and the other being used as a boat by Sylvanians. I even lacked the time to shave my particularly boyish face which led on to the period of my life that my wife loving refers to as ‘those few months when you tried to grow a beard’.
It wasn’t all bad though. I personally feel the facial hair makes me seem more distinguished and if nothing else it hides some of the lines on my face that are the bastard love-child of ‘4-years worth of disturbed sleep’ and his evil mistress ‘the agonising stress of trying not to accidentally kill your child’.  The downside was that my lovely wife and daughter no longer liked kissing me because of the ‘roughies’. It was for this reason that I agreed to try Daimon Barber’s Softening Bear & Stubble Serum.
I’m not great with recognising scents, and I’m certainly not familiar with Ouhd and Egyptian Mallow.  However, this smells of ‘rich mahogany’.  My wife sometimes catches me standing in front of the mirror just smelling the tube. I’m not sure it has actually led to a softer stubble yet but my chin and cheeks are definitely feeling more moisturised. I like it, they like it, my beard likes it.

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