SWELL: My Hair Is FINALLY Thickening Up

swellpicI saw SWELL doing the rounds a while ago, but having tried every volumising shampoo under the sun since losing great swathes of hair postpartum, I’d lost interest a bit. I was using 2-3 styling products instead. Mousse never lets you down, a good dose of Powder Grip is always a winner. I have a LOT of care and styling products to get through, and SWELL was patiently waiting its turn in my bathroom cabinet, sitting there quite innocuously, secretly ready to OPEN A CAN OF WHOOPASS ON MY FLAT HAIR AND MAKE IT MEGA.

A couple of pumps of the SWELL Shampoo is enough to wash through the roots, which should have been wetted and combed first. It seems like very little, sat in the palm of your hand, but I am a big over-user of shampoo (especially when it’s, ahem, FREE) so this was a good way to reign me in. It’s a funny lather – not as foamy as you might be used to, but as one who avoids SLS (the foaming agent in most shampoos) due to its bad impact on my colour, I’m cool with it. From the very first use, my hair was bouncier without a drop of styling product. I just shoved it back and forth and side to side with a Wet Brush and it’s was full of volume. I didn’t feel the need to wash it again the next day thanks to build-up (this shampoo is silicone-free, which usually serves to make hair shiny but also weigh it down) and it feels thicker.

I’ve now had two weeks of just the shampoo (my hair is still quite short to be able to handle conditioner), and it LOOKS thicker, too. What is this magic?! The idea is that hair isn’t just ‘bouffed up’, but that the shampoo strengthens the hair against breakage, requires fewer washes so lessens the everyday damage factor, and detangles beautifully so you’re not losing a ton of hair to your hairbrush. I am officially a fan. The only downside is the £25 price tag, but the 250ml will go a long way. I will report back when I finish the bottle to see just how far. And people? It’s worth it.





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