School Run Glam? Sainsbury’s Boutique Makeup

img_5398Sainsbury’s tend to know what mums need, hence why you’re bound to find at least two mums with a trolley full of kids and nappies anytime you pop in. Now the supermarket is launching a new ’boutique’ makeup collection, and has created a selection of looks to show off the new products. The SCHOOL RUN GLAM look caught my eye, for obvious reasons. It’s really just a small capsule collection of fairly neutral shades to suit everyone, but 1. it’s super cheap and 2. it’s convenient to shop. I mean, when pharmacies and apothecary style stores start giving you carts with which to contain and restrain your kids, believe me, I’ll be there. In the meantime, it seems like quite a good place to bag some makeup?! OK, so it’s not ideal to assume we all do the school run BUT I get the point: here are some no-nonsense, easy-to-use products that aren’t too OTT but will be quickly applied of a morning to get you out of house quicker, feeling fine.

I’ve just tested out the eye shadow quad, lipstick and blush, as I think those are the key components to such a look for the quickest and easiest fixer-upper, having eschewed the lipgloss and bronzer on the grounds that they actually tend to slow me down. The eye shadow quad (JUST £8!) contains 4 matte shadows in neutral shades, and I would happily wear all but the dark grey – personal thing, grey doesn’t suit me and my blue eyes. The blush (£8) is very pink, which means you should tap and blow off the excess before applying, then buff our the edges for a warm glow. The lipstick in (just £7) is densely pigmented and lasts well. For the grand total of £18, that’s a good result, I think. I still cling on to foundation (a nice cheap one I’m loving is Kiko Skin Modernist £18.90) and mascara for both brows and lashes, but this is a great little capsule collection for that super quick morning mumface. Nice one, Sainsbos. Watch my video on the look, here.








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