HAUTE MAMA: Clemmie Telford

Clemmie Telford, aka Peckham Mamma, photographed in Shoreditch.
Clemmie Telford, photographed in Shoreditch. Emily Gray Photography.

A while ago on Instagram @peckham_mamma was calling for women to share their best bits and tell the world why they loved them, for a good show of positive attitudes towards body image. I immediately loved her and then realised she was also the editor of Motherofalllists.com which is also brilliant. What I didn’t realise was that she is also mother to Bertie and Woody, AND by day is Creative Director at ad agency, Grey London. Clemmie Telford is awesome, all told, and I’m so happy she agreed to reveal the secrets of that gorgeous MUMFACE. GT

“This  Maybelline concealer is insane. I’d spent my life using YSL Touche Eclat, then I got given this in a goodie bag and have been banging the drum about it ever since. Amazing coverage, non drying and bargain price. Oh, and most importantly it gets rid of my eyebags, which for a Mum is vital.
I am very late to the game with primers. I’m still not entirely sure what Smashbox Moisturising Photofinish Primer does but it makes my skin and makeup look great.
And for all my troubles – in pregnancy and in life – a long soak in the bath with a Diptyque Candle burning fixes everything. Yet to find my dream bubble bath though so all recommendations welcome.”
Clemmie, I think you’d love a good Aromatherapy Associates bath oil. Not during pregnancy, perhaps but now? Yeh, do it. GT

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