The MUMFACE Foundation Guide

g1Foundation is the item I’m most often quizzed over. It’s often the priciest bit of kit you’ll buy but also the one that you wear most often. And if you get it wrong, it’s the worst. But finding the right one depends a bit on your skin and what it’s doing, also what you’re environment is like and what demands you’re placing on this skin perfector. Here’s my cheat sheet to picking the best of what’s out there right now.

  1. HOURGLASS ILLUSION HYALURONIC SKIN TINT – This is a good juicy option, so if your skin is dry to normal, or you’re keen to soften fine lines I recommend this above all else. It is quite a substantial coverage, so it’s possibly not for you if you’re used to tinted moisturiser or BB Cream, but that also means it lasts well.
  2. CHARLOTTE TILBURY MAGIC FOUNDATION – This is a good all-rounder – dewy finish, middling coverage, nice texture to wear. I mix with a little serum if my skin is feeling tight and always pre-soften fine lines with eye cream or serum before applying. I will need a little concealer around the nose and on any blemishes, too. The colour has to be spot-on – get colour matched by someone on counter whose makeup you think is immaculate!
  3. BOURJOIS AIR MATTE – I love Bourgois foundations – Healthy Mix is uncannily similar to a lot of the luxier L’Oreal brands, and performs just as well. When I’m on a budget, it’s my top pick. Air Matte is great if you have an oilier texture. I would still prep the areas that show up dehydration and fine lines – between the eyes, under the eyes, sometimes around the mouth – but it’s got a nice level of coverage without being obvious.
  4. L’OREAL GENIUS MATCH 4-IN-1 FOUNDATION – This is the compact I carry around with me. It truly does adapt to your colour (within reason – you need to be in the right ball park with the shade) and it blends seamlessly to lightly even things out. It takes the edge off my shine in the ‘dewier’ end of the day (aka 3pm) and covers any redness. No need to carry foundation, concealer or powder when you’ve got this on board.
  5. GIORGIO ARMANI FACE FABRIC – I wore this on my wedding day. It is the greatest foundation for that gorgeous glowing summer skin. I didn’t need a primer, powder – just this. It’s not substantial enough for a really bad breakout or the days that follow truly sleep-deprived nights, unless you’re under 30, in my opinion.

I very rarely bother with primers at the moment – I feel if you’re paying a fair whack for your foundation you should expect the best that doesn’t need another level of underpinning, although I know others swear by them – and usually slap foundation on with my fingers for speed’s sake. But I am partial to a blending sponge with all but the Hourglass which is best warmed between clean fingers. At the moment it’s Barely’s Not Your Average Makeup Sponge. The most important part of this whole foundation shebang? The colour. GET COLOUR MATCHED! And by someone who has the right colour on themselves. Or else test it out and walk outside to check it in natural light. Good luck.



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