Handy scents for your changing bag

Screenshot 2016-07-19 10.40.03In my latest video I reveal the contents of my carry-around-with-me makeup bag – the little pouch I had in the changing bag and now have tucked in my handbag for touch-ups. A very edited version of what I took around with me pre-baby, but who has the upper arm strength for that shit when you’ve also got another human to carry and potentially a buggy/toys/water/ton of nappies. Nowadays it’s the essentials only, thank you very much.

And for me that includes a miniature scent, preferably roll-on. With all the sweat, sick and other unfortunate STANK that comes with being a mum, I like to freshen up with a handy-sized scent now and again. It’s an easy way to lift your mood a wee bit and waft nicely around people, and you can do it one-handedly. Hurrah.

My favourite is Francis Kurkdijan Extrait Apom pour Femme, which at £95 for a set of 4 5ml vials might seem a bit pricy but those little things have lasted me 5 years at last count. A roll on scent tends to last longer than something you’d spritz, and who wants to douse your surroundings (or god forbid, baby) in your precious scent?! I also love the roll-oils from Lola’s Apothecary – as pictured above. Slightly less spendy at £25 for 3x 10ml bottles, you can switch it up depending on your mood, from the relaxing lavender to the downright sexy rose. Or next time you’re stocking up on your signature scent, ask if they do roll-ons. Chanel does, Estee Lauder does, L’Occitane does, even Diptyque does. I’m telling you – it’s all about the roll-on.







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