IMG_6007Nicola Eyre is the inimitably cool powerhouse behind the family concept store, Cissy Wears – from two stores in South East London and the drool-worthy website, and as of Thursday night, a mum-of-four! She also gives me serious tattoo-envy, and is hilarious. While she was still pregnant, Nicola – a savvy beauty aficionado – agreed to review the new offering from MILK Beauty, an at-home pampering service in London. Perfect for MUMFACE – a therapist turns up at your door so you don’t need a babysitter / pregnant-waddle into town. I’m dying for them to set up shop in Sussex. She went for a Shellac Manicure and Pedicure (£80), and THIS is what happened… GT
“Oh the joys of those early days with a new baby. When you’re so tired your bags have bags, your hair is unwashed for a week, and you haven’t showered in days, half the time your skin is dehydrated and the rest of the time you’re soaked in constant hormonal sweat, and that lovely pre-birth manicure your treated yourself to on maternity leave is now ragged, half chewed, and peeling off.  Just another thing that makes you feel bad about yourself. Coupled with the fact your hands take such a bashing from the repeated washing and can end up sore and dry, you just can’t keep up with nice nails. But how do you even get out for a manicure now the baby is here?
When I was told about MILK Beauty it sounded perfect. Relaxing beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home. Exactly what I need as a working mother of three (and very soon to be four). My lovely therapist turned up promptly at 7.30pm. I’d wrestled the youngest into bed early with success – hmm, might try that every night – and bribed the other two with Netflix on the iPad upstairs (“Mummy is doing some very important work downstairs so don’t come down and don’t start squabbling”).
By the time I’d got downstairs from my popcorn and warm milk bribery she had set up everything on the lounge floor in front of my sofa. All I had to do was sit back and relax.
First child appears at the door.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m doing a review for a blog”
“No you’re not, you’re getting your nails done”
“Go away, I’m supposed to be relaxing”
Back to concentrating on relaxing and not accidentally kicking my therapist in the face.
Second child appears at the door to have a nosy at what is going on and promptly bursts into tears.
“I want my nails dooooonnneee!”
I manage to stem the flow by letting her pick the colour (or rather just showing her a colour I think she’ll like) and promising that I will do her nails tomorrow.
Back to concentrating on relaxing.
First child appears at the door again. The argument over what to watch cannot be resolved. He throws himself down on the sofa and switches the TV on. Try to concentrate on relaxing over “Night At The Museum 3”.
Husband finally gets home from work. Feel guilty for sitting there having my nails done. Sigh.
All over, my therapist packs away promptly and leaves everything sparkling clean, and me with glossy fingers and toes. She even gives me a removal kit with special acetone nail varnish remover, which I wasn’t expecting, and will be perfect for when I need to remove the Shellac in a few weeks. And let’s be honest, when am I ever going to get the chance to go for a mani/pedi outside of my own home any time soon?”
Shellac Manicure and Pedicure £80 MILK Beauty 020 8525 8991 – for those in the London area only.

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