IMG_0086When I threw the topic for my next video out to the floor (well, Instagram) this is something that came up repeatedly in different guises. The truth is sleep deprivation + hormones + dehydration + not having time to take special care of your skin = lack of glow. It’s that grey dullness you get, sometimes accompanied by congestion and blocked pores, sometimes even spots. But while sleep, water and good facials are the number one prescription there is hope: with some skincare gems and the old smoke-and-mirrors routine you can find your own personal MUMFACE glow.

So firstly, what is the glow to you? Because I am sensing we are all seeking different versions of this slightly misleading word.

  1. SKIN – the fresh skin you have when you’re 18, that ‘glows’ with natural, youthful radiance. Absence of congestion, a really taut, plumped-up look. This is where the right skincare can get you at least halfway there.
  2. SHINE – an extension of the fresh-faced appeal above, but with more light-reflecting properties and lots of dewy finishes. Literally glowing like a little light bulb.
  3. COLOUR – a nice healthy glow, AKA a tan. I don’t put any store by sunbathing or sunbeds, but a spot of fake tan or even just a bronzer-blush combo does restore colour to the greyest of skin. And in darker skin, a beautiful pink or rose blush will really pep up your cheeks nicely.

SO, I will now post 2 separate posts tackling these different concerns, and if you combine all 3? Your MUMFACE will be like a beacon of light and gorgeousness. Or at least the total lack of sleep will be a bit less obvious…

LET’S GLOW. (sorry).






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