The Treatments We Make Time For…

THUMBNAILNATASHAI was so excited to film with my best friend and bona fide vlogging legend, Natasha Bailie. Her YouTube channel and blog The Milk Stand chart the highs and lows of motherhood with a divine look at her days with 3-year old son, Max. She also works for Channel Mum, THE online resource for mums tackling all the issues you may encounter once you’ve given birth. So as you can imagine she was 95% responsible for me finally making MumFace into a channel. We’ve made a video over on her channel on the four things I swear by for quicker mumface routines, plus this video on my own channel, looking at the treatments we both continued to book (though less often, admittedly) when we became mums. They’re the speedy and long-lasting treats that we rate enough to give a previous 15-30 minutes of childcared-hours here and there. Not necessities, just nice things that might make you feel good


Natasha and I both swear by a Shellac treatment.Not only are they quicker than your average manicure (especially if you remember to push your own cuticles back in the shower or during a nightfeed!) but also because they’ll withstand the constant sterilizing, tiny buttons, hand-washing, bleaching, Duplo etc of everyday mothering. Just 30 minutes out of your day buys you about 2-3 weeks of perfect colour. Beware the fake Shellac – make sure your local is listed here – and having tried other gel systems, I would still recommend Shellac above all others. It does depend a little on the application too though of course – not all therapists are made equal!


We both love HD Brows (thanks to Natasha trying it out first to make sure it wasn’t a Scouse brow disaster) and in just 15-20 minutes you get brows to perfectly frame your face. I pencil in the gaps when the tint starts to fade around 2 weeks in, but have found the shape has totally changed my face for the better. I don’t manage the monthly appointment Natasha does purely because I live so far from the salon, but that just goes to show you don’t need to make it an ultra regular affair. Find a salon near you here, but please ask around before booking – this is the sort of treatment that you HAVE to book with a recommended practitioner!


Natasha and I are no strangers to spots – I had gestational acne and she has suffered with breakouts since having Max. Now, while you can’t fight the hormones, we both love this facial for gently resurfacing the skin while soothing it with a cooling dose of oxygen. Lanes Health and Beauty in Brighton offer this brilliant treatment combination, but Crystal Clear microdermabrasion is available in salons nationwide. Find one here.






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