The Morning After Mum’s Night Out

IMG_1535Ouch. Another time when you need as much help and feel-good perks as possible, but there is likely to be far less sympathy from those around you than when you had a newborn. Odd, as both are technically self-inflicted (and in my case, both are down to some irresponsible drinking, actually) but the fact of the matter is you’re going to have to brave this one. This is also a good 5-minute routine for the first days of recovery from the flu, actually – and I know there’s a lot of you out there at the moment suffering. As usual, I go to my bathroom cabinet for help. I’m not so worried about covering up the evidence of a night out that’s etched across my sorry face, more making myself feel better.

SO, a quick cleanse – micellar takes roughly 15 seconds (I love Origins’ and Guerlain’s) or if you have a whole minute (and £30 to splurge), This Works Light Time Cleanse & Glow  £30 does amazing glowy things to your skin in just one minute and has the essential oils that’ll lift your spirits a bit too. Rinse that off, perhaps wiping with a large cotton pad or flannel for extra-fast exfoliation, then whack on a mask. If you’ve got that dry, cracking feeling and tightness around your eyes and cheeks, go for a hydrating mask – I like Una Brennan Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Mask £9.99 – and if you’re really feeling congested and greasy (perhaps if your makeup didn’t quite make it off your face last night), go for a detox-style mask that has a clay base for drawing out impurities. Clearly this has psychological benefits – you are lifting the late night and regrets about mounting the table during dinner with one little topical product, brilliant. I like Caudalie Instant Detox £22, or the absolute powerhouse hangover-smasher has to be GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment but it is a whopping £40 for just 50ml, so only really for when you’ve got the triple threat of your period, a bottle of Merlot and a Papa John’s on board. Rinse all with cold water, which is an amazing, totally free way to feel about 50% better in under 5 seconds. All this will feel good and really does perk bring that slightly shiny, wet-with-youth glow to your skin no matter how many glasses of Pinot you had.

I try and do all this while a bath runs, and you know what? The mask will provide ample entertainment to the kid while you secretly pamper, even if their greeting in the early hours is, “You smell bad out of your mouth.” like mine was at 5am this morning.





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