Beauty Editor’s TOP product for baby fog…

aliceAlice du Parcq is a brilliant beauty editor (and Mum-Face regular, I’m thrilled to say) and is also the Alice in Alice and Emma my go-to for Youtube beauty. THIS is the one beauty product that gets her through the ‘baby fog’…

“Are you looking a bit rubbish right now? Yeah, me too. I have a two-year-old going through a delightful phase of sleep-screaming that’s as much fun as a bucket of cold sick being poured over your head at 4am. Heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping, can’t-get-back-to-sleep-so-I-might-as-well-answer-emails fun! Yay!

There’s a whole load of nerdy science I could bang on about how crappy sleep affects your skin, but you’ll definitely nod off. So here’s the topline info: lack of sleep makes bad hormones spike; those make your body’s cells inflamed and energy-depleted; and now your skin looks like shit. Grey, ashy, dry, bumpy, lifeless. The works.

If I were a bad beauty journalist I’d list a dozen silly, trendy new products that would take you 35 minutes to apply and rob you of hundreds of pounds. And you’d believe me too, because I remember in the early days throwing money at every problem (that side-eye’s for you, Ewan the goddamn Womb Sheep). But I won’t. Instead, let me give you two simple words: Gradual Tan. With one simple, quick application, you get a myriad of awesomeness happening on your face: moisture, glow, brightness, healthiness, got-my-shizz-togetherness. And when you catch yourself in the mirror, you look like you’ve been sunbathing all weekend. These diluted formulas mean you won’t look unnaturally TOWIE-tanned either; if you apply it once every two days in lieu of your regular day cream, and cleanse (properly, with a flannel) twice a day, you’ll have a fresh, clear hint of subtle colour and no patchiness. I’ve tried them all; here are the ones that work brilliantly and don’t stink.”

No7 Naturally Sun-Kissed Gradual Face Tan, £9;

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self-Tanning Gradual Lotion, £15;

James Read Gradual Tan Day Tan Face, £22;

St Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Anti-Ageing Face Lotion, £22;

Aerin Gradual Tan for Face & Body; £40;

Crème de La Mer the Face and Body Gradual Tan, £70,

Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care, £83.50;

Top tanning tips: “Apply on your face, behind your ears, around your neck and down onto your chest. Rub the residue on your forearms. With a baby wipe, gently wipe over your brows. If you haven’t curled up into a heap of sobbing tiredness, pop a little on the tops of your feet so they look lovely with sock-less shoes and rolled up trouser hems. Wash hands thoroughly; then add a dot of product onto the back of one hand and rub it in with the back of the other hand. Ta-dah! Well done – you look bloody amazing.”

You can follow Alice at:

Insta: @aliceduparcq

Twitter: @alicedp




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