Clemmie’s TOP Mum Face Moisturiser

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 09.22.24Clemmie Hooper has had her babies! Beautiful Delilah Iris and Ottilie Pearl were born a couple of weeks ago, and everyone’s doing brilliantly – hurrah!

But while she was still pregnant I sent her By Terry Hydradiance Daily Care Hydra-Comfort Aqua Balm (£68) because its claims to erase signs of fatigue intrigued me – could it help us knackered pregnant women, or the mum-face that has gone without a proper night’s sleep in, oh I don’t know – 10 years?! Clemmie – both pregnant and mum of two gorgeous girls already – was the perfect guinea pig. GT

“I’ve used the Baume de Rose before – there’s something so lovely about the smell of roses, sort of comforting and very traditional. And I really love this cream – it’s actually amazing! I even used it when the morning sickness was really bad.

My skin tends to be a bit dry, more so when I’m tired and pregnant. This cream sits so nicely on the skin, I actually wear it in lieu of makeup. You can just feel your skin sucking this cream in! I just dab a little on in the morning and it feels really clean, not at all greasy. And at night after cleaning it’s like washing your face again with fresh rose water. I’ve never woken with that slight residue, it’s completely gone by morning. I don’t know if I looked less tired but it definitely made my skin look plumped up and smooth – I’ll definitely get some more now I’ve run out!”







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