Pestle & Mortar Hydrate Lightweight Moisturizer

Hydrate Moisturiser Pestle & Mortar copy(1)The forecast was always: dry with a chance of oil. My face during pregnancy, and indeed to a less extreme extent today 3 and a half years on, was a bit of a conundrum. Super oily, super dry, with spots and flaky patches in equal measures. So I was tempted to go without moisturizer altogether – I just couldn’t find something that covered both bases, soothed my PD and didn’t make me want to puke with a synthetic, shitty fragrance. I wish I had known about this little beauty, which launched just this month. Sonia Deasy – she of Pestle + Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum – created this lightweight moisturizer – Hydrate £38 – which softens your skin without adding to the oil slick, evening out the balance overall. And the scent is very subtle to my non-pregnant nose – kind of citrusy, definitely fresh. My skin is infinitely happier – despite the combo of central heating and freezing weather – with a smoother, softer texture.

For new mums there’s another perk – the dispenser is so mum-friendly. You press down on the top and out pops this awesome featherlight cream, just the amount you need. So you just slam and scoop – you can do it one-handedly whilst holding a baby. Or a glass of wine. And so, it’s shot to the top of my shopping list for pregnant women and new mums alike. The best moisturizer I have tried in ages.


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