Perineum Massage – It’s Midwife Recommended!

clemmieWhen I was pregnant, I sort of scan read something on Perineum massage and quickly skipped ahead to the bit about the cervix’s ability to stretch enough to allow a baby’s head out. “Maybe it won’t hurt that much, sounds pretty stretchy,” I thought to myself. Again, when the NCT tutor told us a tiny bit about PM, I thought, yeh not for me. A foot rub, maybe, but that sounds…No.

But were to get pregnant again, I would definitely consider a little pampering of the perineum, especially as the wonderful Clemmie Hooper – midwife, editor of GasandAirBlog, soon-to-be published author and even sooner-to-be mother of 4 (her new twins will be en route very soon) – recommends it. She is joining as a guest editor on PBG, and has been trying out a few beauty products for me during her pregnancy, but Weleda’s Perineum Massage Oil floated to the top of her must-have list.

“A lot of pregnant women worry about stretch marks and spend loads of money on products to prevent them,” Clemmie told me recently, “But don’t forget, a tear could be so much worse! Plus, getting to know your body again – even if you’re on baby no.4 or 5 – can’t hurt, can it?” Good point, and though I didn’t suffer tears, I can confirm an episiotomy (what felt like a forced tear) can definitely smart a bit and it can take months until you feel back to normal again, sometimes longer.

“We midwives always recommend a natural oil like olive oil, but it can be a bit too close to cooking to get your head around putting it THERE,” says Clemmie, “It’s nice to have something developed especially for using internally that’s naturally scented with sweet almond oil. It won’t disrupt the balance in your vagina like a perfumed oil might, and there’s so much of it – you can use it for baby massage after the birth.”


“I always think, if it feels nice during pregnancy, you’re more likely to use on babies. You do look at products differently when you use them on kids – you don’t want anythin

g perfumed or anything that isn’t natural.

Which is why Weleda is so good. I used the Weather Protection Balm on my first two daughters, and will definitely keep this oil in the nursery, too.”

So I’d say that’s a YES to Weleda’s Perineum Massage Oil £8.95





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