Look Alive! Perfect Mama Makeup Straight From The Catwalk

(c) Nars

Winter drags on, and so although I’m now writing about Spring Summer trends in my professional capacity, I’m actually interested in the AW15 looks I’m just catching up to at home in the 5 minutes grace a CBeebies show allows me in the morning. My favourite was definitely the dewy look – a shedload of highlighter can fake well moisturised, well rested skin. Also known as ‘strobing’, but basically strategically placed light to make you look more awake and wet with bloody youth.

Thankfully our resident makeup artist, Angela Deacon Davis (who wrote this) knows a think or two about how to nail this look, most beautifully exemplified at New York’s Rachel Comey show. Here’s how she suggests we time-poor mamas replicate it at home. It’s quick, understated and takes away that grey, ‘I haven’t slept in a year’ look instantly.

  • Start with Clinique’s Turnaround Revitalising Serum. This genius serum moisturises and exfoliates at the same time. Plus, it contains a little shimmer to brighten skin, so it smooths and brightens at once.
  • Apply a super sheer but smart base product like Per-fekt’s Skin Perfection Gel 
  • Conceal only where you need to.
  • Forget the foundation and powder. Instead highlight with NARS Illuminator in 413 BLKR or Hot Sand depending on your skin tone. These will give a warm glow with just the right amount of shimmer. Using your fingers, apply around temples and cheekbones in a C shape. Add a little down the centre of your nose and pat what’s left over your eyes and brow bones.
  • If you have time, smudge a little eye pencil around your lash line and curl lashes to give that instant eye opening effect.

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