How to cover spots

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Whether you suffer a total covering of acne like I did at times, or just the odd breakout on account of the raging hormones, spots may well be a big part of your pregnancy. Soz. And as we’ve previously discovered here at PBG, you can’t always battle those baby-growing hormones through the usual spot-busting channels open to non-pregnant faces. BUT, help is at hand. I asked makeup artist, Angela Deacon Davis to share her top tips for covering those pesky pustules. You’re welcome!
  • Moisturise! Skin with spots isn’t necessarily oily and spots which are healing can be dry so you should still moisturise. 
  • Use primer (something like DHC’s Velvet Skin Coat £17). This smooths the area, helps concealer adhere, keeps shine at bay and doesn’t add any weight to your base.
  • Use a sheer, oil free foundation. I like Benefit’s Hello Flawless, Oxygen Wow! Foundation £26.50. But don’t try to conceal with foundation – don’t use extra foundation to try to cover a spot! That’s what concealer is for. If you do, you’ll end up with a heavy, cakey-looking base. 
  • Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly otherwise you’re just highlighting the blemish. I like to use a minimal amount of a full coverage concealer. My favourite is MakeUp Forever’s Full Cover Concealer £21. You only need a small amount and most importantly, it doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients that could encourage more spots. The key is to use two brushes. One that is small, pointed and precise. Another that is soft and fluffy for blending. Simply, dot a little concealer directly on top of your spot with the small brush. Then, using soft circular motions, blend with your blending brush. Add a little more concealer and blend again. Continue until you have the desired coverage.
  • Add a little setting powder if you need to.

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