Pommade Divine

pommade I have to be honest – it was the mention of Sienna Miller’s name in the email that piqued my interest at first. Apparently she has a pot in her bathroom, and used it to help heal the wound on her head she famously suffered on stage in Cabaret not long ago. ANYWAY, it turns out to be rather lovely. It’s very rich – a hefty balm, in the true sense of the word – with quite a strong scent of cinnamon. Not for everyone, and not for slathering all over your face day in day out. But it’s definitely got healing properties. It does contain clove which some people would advise avoiding during pregnancy – it’s in such a small quantity within the blend so not worth worrying about – but as a new mother, you’ll often find yourself reaching for such a natural remedy for both you and your family.

Blisters, sunburn, bites, grazes, stings, even chicken pox, according to the legends surrounding Pommade Divine. I couldn’t test it out on all those events (thank goodness), but its lanolin and benzoin content would suggest it’s worth trying on cracked nipples, and I have found it to be outstanding for softening hard heels, healing spots (that’ll be the various anti-bacterial ingredients), as a handcream and on cradle cap. I’ve now got it in our makeshift first aid kit and it’s not going anywhere… See, Sienna and I have SO much in common. Pommade Divine £20 Liberty.co.uk


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