REVIEW: Votary Heal Your Skin Facial Oil

Facial Oil Bottle Rose Maroc I first met makeup artist, Arabella Preston when she was assisting Kay Montano, with whom I was creating some makeup videos for Tank Magazine. I was blown away when Arabella said she had a son and a daughter at home – she looked about 19, not a sign of sleeplessness on her gorgeous face. After a little digging, I established she used oils on her face, and so despite my own ick-feelings towards the majority of facial oils, I gave it a go, such was the persuading quality of her glowy skin. It didn’t have quite the same affect sadly, but all that has changed for me two months ago. I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of her AMAZING Votary oils, blended to treat the skin as well as perfectly prime it for makeup. The Rose Maroc and Sandalwood blend is my favourite, and I wish I’d had it during pregnancy. The oils within are safe for pregnancy, FYI (see here for more info), and rose is known for its super-soothing properties, ideal if you’re suffering from PD or other hormone-related irritations. Best of all, it is beautifully light, not at all greasy and offers just the right amount of slip for a gentle, glow-boosting facial massage of an evening. Plus the dropper-top only allows a couple of drops at a time so that you don’t end up applying too much. Two drops really is enough. It’s like the ultimate expression of love for your face, and your nose will love it too. If you’re feeling a little teary (or a lot teary), rose can be incredibly uplifting and soothing.

Heal Your Skin Facial Oil £65 and at Liberty of London.


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