HAUTE MAMA: Susana Chaves, VOGUE Portugal

susana chaves

Susana is beauty editor of Portugal’s edition of Vogue, and we met in Paris – both of us there to interview Natalie Portman (as you do) – while I was pregnant. She was so kind – I was wobbling about a bit, going through a particularly iffy nauseous stage during a Parisian heatwave – and immediately recited a list of products I should be adding to my shopping list. She also started the brilliant Beauty Airlines blog, a must-read for fans of beauty – it’s a window into her completely glam work around the world in the name of beauty… So here she is, ladies, the ‘hautest’ of mamas, fresh from the pages of Vogue no less.

“I had a wonderful 39 week journey, pregnant with my daughter. I kept practicing Yoga until 6 months long and it really helped me keep my back strong and my breathing controlled for the big day! I absolutely recommend that you keep moving, I had back pain very early in the pregnancy and developed sciatic pain and boy, did it hurt!; but keeping active played a major role in the last days of the pregnancy and the delivery as well. I was fortunate to visit Israel and the Dead Sea in my 25th week and experienced swimming – or floating – in the wonderful Dead Sea, covered in mud, it leaves the skin silky smooth, no to mention the floating experience whilst pregnant. What a feeling, to feel so lightweight! Watsu, one of my favorite therapies ever, can be a good substitute, just be careful not to be in too hot water for too long. The mud experience, I do not recommend that you try it at home, trust me, unless your significant other offers to do the cleaning afterwards… ( I brought tons of Dead Sea mud packages, when leaving Israel, was held in customs in the Telaviv airport for ages, trying to explain my obsession to the sceptic controllers, plus my load of Gamila Soaps, the reason of the visit).

If you ask any Portuguese mom, new or old, how they prevented their stretch marks, they will all swear by the Creme Barral, a 170 year old “butter-cream”, originally in a tube and now available also in a pot. It’s simply the best, most nutritious, silky, soft cream you can get. I put it on every single night from week five to the very last night, it became part of my night ritual, with the loving help of the daddy-to-be. If you do it right, use plenty, massage in but leave a good film as a “mask”, just have plenty of t-shirts or pyjamas that you don’t mind parting with, because of the greasiness. The result: zero stretch marks and firm, soft skin.”






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