How to shop for your baby’s first Christmas…

image found on Babydino
image found on Babydino

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. No matter how many times you read The Snowman to them or hold them up to the Christmas tree, a baby under 2 will most likely miss the point of Christmas. They certainly won’t be expecting any particular presents and they WILL be more interested in the mountains of wrapping paper than what is within. It doesn’t mean you should forgo presents altogether, and actually there’s a real bonus to Christmas shopping when you have a newborn: lots of the best products are wrapped up in gift sets so you save a little money on each item. This is the gift guide for you, for your pregnant friends and to leave at your in-laws house so they don’t even THINK about wrapping a giant gorilla for your newborn.

Organic Babies Hello Baby skincare gift set £15.95

This genius kit includes a mini Soothing Baby Salve and Dry Skin Baby Lotion – a great way to try out a new product, lighten the load of your changing bag or to fill your wash bag for that Christmas visit to the in-laws. There’s also a 100ml Baby Wash & Shampoo (one of my absolute favourites – see my review here) – which is well worth the price on its own. The set contains NO nasty chemicals (SLS, SLES, parabens, alcohol, foaming agents or artificial fragrance) and so should suit the most sensitive of skins. This is the one I’ll be giving to pregnant friends this Christmas, too – perfectly peachy baby skin in a box.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Baby Healthcare Kit £11.95

I haven’t addressed baby nails before, mainly because IT FREAKS ME OUT TO EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Honestly, those tiny, delicate fingers and you’re supposed to take a device designed to slice and dice to them?! But equally I couldn’t bring myself to chew on them either, so I’ve become very adept at a baby mani. You need to find your own way through the scissors vs clippers debate and this kit has it all. Chuck in the aspirator (let’s not discuss this one, but I can confirm: essential during the winter months), and thermometer, it really is a bargain. It also contains the softest hairbrush ever, the very thing that I used to gently work the cradle cap away (lubricated by Organic Babies Soothing Baby Oil).

Blossom & Bloom Mother To Be Trio Set £45

The ‘mother to be’ bit in the name is misleading – this will make A.N.Y. adult human being beam. Ok, so it’s not strictly speaking FOR your baby, but happy mother = happy baby, so they say. And it just so happens that this set contains Anti Stretch Mark Cream (my favourite during pregnancy and since then), Revitalising Leg and Foot Spray (this too I have reviewed here) and the gorgeous Indulgence Bath Oil. I’m anti-bubble bath because of the potential irritants, especially just after labour, but this aromatherapy blend is skin-softening and SAFE.


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