REVIEW: Aveda’s Pregnancy Massage

Ellie O’Mahoney is a very brilliant writer and editor, published all over the place – Marie Clare, Fabulous, The New York Post… She is now counting down the days to her first baby’s birth, and so I sent her off to sample some pregnancy treatments. Poor girl. Sounds like she liked this one though. GT

Beautifying-Composition-706x1024Aveda’s Pregnancy Massage, suitable from 14 weeks

£83 | 60 mins or £97 | 75 mins

The Aveda spa in Holborn is a place of wonder. A temple to pampering – there’s a hair salon, treatment rooms downstairs and if that weren’t blissful enough, a Le Pain Quotidien. It acts as a kind of beacon when you’re six months’ pregnant, as somewhere that reminds you of when you felt normal and not just a walking bump. Walk downstairs to the treatment rooms and you’re rather neatly transported to the Orient. It’s all dark woods and low lighting – I’d pay good money to come here and just try to get some shut-eye.

My treatment starts with a questionnaire, which the therapist uses to tailor your massage to you. Frankly, I just relish the opportunity to moan to somebody about my pregnancy-related woes.

Questionnaire sorted, the massage starts with a foot soak and scrub – so very welcome when you haven’t been able to see your toes for the past month.

I then climb onto the massage bed where there’s a super soft pillow waiting to support me as I lay on my side. The therapist was very concerned that she was applying just the right amount of pressure and focused just where I asked her to – my aching lower back and shoulders. After night after night of having to shift position in bed to ease my aching muscles, I was open to any level of muscle-relief but she got the balance just right. She finished off with a scalp massage and then brought me a herbal tea as I relaxed with a magazine in the lounge outside. If they open a crèche here, I will be spending every day of my mat leave here.


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