Childs Farm 3-in-1 Organic Swim Wash

3 in 1 swim (lid up)I have mentioned my daughter’s love of a swimming pool before, I believe? And my dislike of a slippery post-swim shower, perhaps? We swim at least once a week so have tried my fair share of swim-related products, especially as my husband keeps leaving whatever new shower wash I’ve come across in the changing rooms. Bad for me, good for YOU, as I’m now a total expert. And Childs Farm 3-IN-1 Organic Swim Wash £3.99 is the new one, which he is not allowed to use himself, but I now give to Emie to bring in and out of the shower with them. Because if he loses this one, there will be hell to pay – it is ACE. A 3-in-1 wash it basically cleanses away that horrible skin-ruining chlorine without stripping my daughter’s still delicate skin, and washes her hair too. Granted, Emie’s hair is still fine so I’m yet to test it on a real tangle-magnet post-swim, but I still think this is the ultimate do-all bottle for every parent’s swim bag. It IS scented and it DOES contain alcohol (a very VERY small amount) but it IS incredibly gentle and states it’s suitable for eczema prone skin. I used it on my face where I do sometimes suffer with eczema and it didn’t even cause the familiar tightness I usually get with soap or hot water. And considering it contains 98% natural ingredients and the essential oils within are organic, it is such a bargain. Enjoy, swimmers!





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