PBG Skincare Clinic: dry, tired skin


I recently had an email from a reader which went a bit like this: I HAVE 2 CHILDREN, I’M EXHAUSTED, SAVE MY SKIN! She had the classic roll call of tired skin concerns – dullness, dryness, a total lack of glow – and coupled with a thyroid problem which exacerbates the dryness, this 38-year old woman had all the hallmarks of a hard-working new mama with no time for facials or time-consuming regimes. She had even started using….cleansing wipes. SO, here’s what I told her and what I tell you if you’re also experiencing an attack of the knackereds.

1. I wouldn’t use wipes, esp if you’ve got slightly dry skin – they tend to be a bit alcoholy so dry your skin out – I’d use a balm. It can take some getting used to but if you can invest in EMMA HARDIE AMAZING FACE MORINGA CLEANSING BALM, it is worth doing – it’ll even lessen the appearance of fine lines etc because parched skin show them up far more than nice juicy skin. It’s not greasy, honest, and with EMMA HARDIE cleansing muslin cloth, you’ll still be getting rid of every scrap of makeup/dirt. Yes, I have posted it many a time before, but that’s because I’m still yet to find anything else that comes close… It’s definitely worth using either a microfoliant (ALPHA H is ace) OR a resurfacing pads (I love FAB Radiance) – even more gentle and might be good for your dry skin.

2. Remember the main function of your moisturiser right now is to soften up and tackle dryness – don’t start lusting after the ‘matte’ effect or products designed to strip skin of its natural oils. Also, bear in mind that the more moisturised you are, the less lines show up. I love WEI Safflower Age Defying cream (get a sample from Space NK to see if you like it) and even better (but double the price) is the WEI Royal Ming Cream. Zelens 3T Complex Essential Anti-Ageing Cream is also brilliant if you can justify the £95 spend. When your environment is exacerbating the dryness – air conditioning, excess heat, central heating, cold winds, etc. – apply a facial oil beneath your moisturiser. I love REN Vita Mineral Serum Oil as it’s not at all greasy. If you don’t like the texture of an oil, just add a couple of drops to your moisturiser to bolster the effect.

3. I’d also recommend using a primer or BB Cream beneath your foundation as an extra layer to prevent dry patches and flaking. The oft mentioned Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant Glow is great (it’s somewhere between a BB and a primer), but the Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer is also exceptionally good.


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