HAUTE MAMA: Torly Grimshawe, HARRODS Childrenswear

Torly Grimshawe - Harrods
Torly is immersed in the world of mothers and babies, not just at work – the childrenswear department of Harrods where she is Merchandise Manager, but also as a mother of 3. She has access to all the top products, of course, so I had to know: what did she use during pregnancy? GT

“I have always opted for natural-based skincare products, and continued to do so throughout my pregnancy. For me, Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Oil worked wonders! The oil helps to grow and shrink tummies back to a normal size whilst maintaining your skin tone. I used this from the start of my pregnancy until five months after my baby was born, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

“As I choose to buy natural products for myself, it makes perfect sense for me to buy in the same way for my children. My little ones absolutely adore the Sophie La Girafe bubble bath, an organic and eczema-friendly option for sensitive skin.”


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