New Favourite Baby Wash: Bloom + Blossom Gentle Baby Wash

Bloom and Blossom Gentle Baby Wash 2014 Sad news that L’Occitane’s baby wash was discontinued, but there is a BRILLIANT new kid on the block which my baby AND I are both using, the beautifully gentle, softening Bloom + Blossom Gentle Baby Wash £8 – on sale within Alex and Alexa’s new beauty department. The price puts it in amongst the other organic baby washes I see, but I can’t help but feel it’s a special kind of bargain. It’s a vast tube and seems to go on endlessly, even with two of us now using it every night. There’s no SLS in it (the foaming agent which tends to dry and damage delicate skin) but it still gives a gently froth to bathtime. The resulting softness though – unbelievable. I think it’s some kind of magic in them there suds. I cannot recommend this highly enough, mamas.


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