Post-Natal Skincare


So, you’re finally a mother. Months and months of your body (and skin, in many cases) changing out of all recognition – for better or worse – are behind you, and now your body is in repair-mode. In fact, I’ve heard it said SO many times over the past couple of years that your body takes 2 years to fully return to its pre-baby state, although I can’t believe this is the same for everyone, it may well have been the case for me.

Now, what’s next? For me, it was a whole host of new skin concerns (AGAIN!) that I hadn’t really expected, so once more my skincare regime was thrown into question as I looked for new solutions to new problems. Finally, after a LONG test period, I have some surefire hits that I think will help the majority of skin types cope with the stresses and strains of being a new mother, so that as long as you observe seasonal changes, you have a new regime to take you at least up to nursery… or the next baby?

1. Cleansing. My spots/rash/eczema calmed right down as soon as my daughter was born. BUT, new concerns soon arose. Lack of sleep and lack of time to do some really good cleansing resulted in dullness, dry patches (not helped by the season – winter with a ton of central heating, yuck) and crazy speckly pores. I wanted gentle solutions though – my usual routine of light peels at home and microdermabrasion in salons was not tenable. I have persevered with REN’s ClearCalm Clay Cleanser and Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm, but I have also added in FAB Radiance Pads to address both the blockages and the dullness. They have the rare effect of making an INSTANT improvement rather than making you look very red and angry. Available at
2. Moisturising. Again, tiredness had such an impact on my skin I was crying out for something that would make me feel plumped up and wide awake in next to no time. I still have REN’s ClearCalm Serum for overnight when spots appear, but after lots of serums and different SPFs, I’ve gone back to an old favourite: Dr Perricone Face Finishing Moisturiser (available from Space NK). I’d forgotten how GOOD it is, regardless of time of year. I’m also enjoying La Roche Posay’s SPF50 cream – it is thick and a little white but actually the result under a very light foundation is: DEWY (my fav). And it smells like a holiday in the sun.
3. Casting a magic spell. Might not be top of your skincare regime – hocus pocus – but it’s the only way to describe this MUST-HAVE for new mothers: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. There are no words. Other than AMAZING and WOW.


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