Myth Busting: Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?

A question I am asked repeatedly – can I dye my hair during pregnancy? Here’s the expert’s view…


A few months before I fell pregnant, I went from the blonde hair colour I’d had since I was about 15 to a very dark brunette shade. It was fun while it lasted, but when my body began to change out of all recognition, I wanted a bit of the old me back. “You can’t bleach your hair!” rang in my ears everytime I mentioned colouring my hair to a friend. But I couldn’t see the harm. I asked amazing colourist, Bantika Elsey of the Josh Wood Atelier what pregnant women can get away with.

“You can dye your hair during pregnancy! I would just advise to avoid any contact with the scalp in the first three months. Hair that’s placed in foils will be fine as the colour is not absorbed through the scalp.”

Thought so.

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