Inner Soul Bespoke Facial Oil

662323713378Most of us find our skin changes with the season. And again as we age. And according to changes in our lifestyles, diets and stress levels. And then you get pregnant, and BOOM – you thought it was in a state of flux before? Wait ’til those hormones start buzzing around your system. The unrecognizable belly and ankles were to be expected, but my skin – it was shocking. Whether you come out in spots, dry out or just go grey, your skincare regime may need some tweaks to bring you back to your old self. What I like about Inner-Soul Organics Bespoke Facial Oil £95 is that it’s tailored to your skin at the moment you order it. Aromatherapist, Emma Coleman uses a questionnaire to establish exactly what you need and blends your oil accordingly. My own oil is a divine concoction – lighter than you might expect, but robust enough to ward off the dry patches I complained of. All in all, it’s a total delight to use. Just make it clear in your questionnaire that you’re pregnant so Emma doesn’t use any oils that aren’t suitable for pregnant women.


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