Childs Farm Hand and Body Lotion

childsfarm hand lotionI have a confession to make. Clearly this body lotion was sent for use by my daughter, and indeed for me to try out on a kid since that’s who it is for. I have hidden it away amid the books on my bedside table because THIS is my new favourite body lotion and pre-bed hand cream. At first it was its proximity to the sofa when I was in need of a foot rub that drew me in, but the pump action dispenser and promises not to irritate eczema-prone skin was what swung it for me, and I was soon slathered in the stuff from head to toe. It has all the hallmarks of a mama-favourite – near-as-damn-it natural, citrusy-smelling essential oils, fast to sink in and no residue. So yes, I will try it on my baby too if and when she needs it, but for now it’s mine, all MINE!
Childs Farm Hand and Body Lotion £4.69


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