Zita West Back Ease Massage Oil

back-ease-600x600 Zita West is a midwife, fertility expert and general pregnancy GURU – this woman knows her stuff, full stop. So when she creates a pregnancy oil if I’m 100% honest I’d slather it on regardless of how I felt about it myself, thinking it would lead to a healthy baby, an easy labour and a swift recovery! Since I wouldn’t be within reaching distance of Zita herself, to me this would have been the next best thing. It doesn’t mention stretch marks, it doesn’t talk about a supple bump, it doesn’t even mention being able to miraculously prevent swollen ankles. It’s been dreamt up with the sole purpose of making you feel better, especially during labour. It smells EXACTLY like Limoncello, too – not the sticky, alcoholic aftermath, but that zingy, sweet burst of lemons, limes and grapefruit: a refreshing, feel-good cocktail.

Because in addition to the skincare concerns the majority of us encounter during pregnancy, there are a lot of physical strains that most will be desperate to ease. This is the oil to help in your quest for peace and relaxation. Get your partner, friend or parent to rub it in to your feet, ankles, legs, back, neck, shoulders, hands, arms, and gently stroke over that growing bump. Take it with you to a massage appointment and ask them to sub it in, safe in the knowledge that the blend is safe for you and your unborn baby. Pack it in your hospital bag to both scent and ease the pains of your labour. Apply it to your pulse points during the headier moments of morning sickness to at least temper the nausea. Douse yourself in it while you listen to your hypnobirthing MP3s or just bask in your excitement over your impending birth, creating positive associations with the scent. Apply to moist skin post-shower if/when your perfume is too much for your scent-sensitive nose. Yes, it’s a real multi-tasker, one to enjoy through pregnancy and beyond… It’s not too pricey, either, just £12.75 for a whopping 100ml.



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