Inner Soul Organics Mum & Babe Apricot All-Over Skin Oil


I’ve been won over by a few body oils since announcing my general dislike for the slipperiest of skincare solutions. And I have a collection of favoured baby oils now – Estelle & Thild’s and Bamford’s deserve special mention. But I’ll always prefer lotions and creams for my own body. There are still too many pitfalls for someone as clutzy as me – pouring the right amount into your palm without it dripping onto your carpet, sloshing it from hand to hand to warm it before trying to land the majority of it on your body and not your slippers… and a greasy residue more often than not.

But Inner-Soul Organics (who’s hero product is the personalised oil – you fill in a skin type questionnaire and the resulting facial oil will tackle any concerns) have poured their Mum & Babe Apricot All-Over Skin Oil £24 (yes, dual use – good news) into a gorgeous bottle with a pump action dispenser – major brownie points at PBG. So it’s far easier to apply. It’s organic, 100% natural and unscented so won’t antagonize the nauseous amongst you and is safe for use on breasts and the perineum, if that’s your bag.

It’s not necessarily the lightest of oils and so there is some residue after you’ve rubbed it in, but I do like it post-shower when the skin’s still damp. It is in a clear bottle and so you need to keep it in a cool, dark spot in your room (best kept out of a steamy bathroom, for example), but otherwise this is a nice one for those of you who would like to use an oil on yourself and your baby but hate the mess-aspect.


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