Bamford Baby Soap

bamford soap

Most of my shower products come in a bottle, but for those traditionalists of you that fancy a bar of soap, Bamford Baby Soap is very lovely. And if you look after it (see below for some tips), it’s a bargain – just £10 and will last ages. As usual, I tested it on my face first and although there was a tiny bit of tightness compared to when I cleanse with my usual balm, I would happily use it on my body. It’s a 100% organic vegetable-based soap which doesn’t foam like older generation of soaps – I don’t like foaming products for my baby’s super soft skin. Natural camomile flakes and a gentle blend of relaxing lavender and anti-bacterial tea tree make this a pleasure to use on both mama and baby, as long as there are no skin sensitivities or complaints like eczema. Just lovely.

Keep it dry on a dry, vented soap dish, which – ironically – you must keep clean. Apply with a clean washcloth to limit contact with your hands. And enjoy…


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