REVIEW: Shiffa Pregnancy Oil


Dubai has a little something for you, Pregos. Shiffa – Dubai’s natural, organic skincare line – has arguably the most luxurious of pregnancy body oils. Now, I’ve said it before, I am not a fan of body oils. Slippery, staining, I never did have much luck with them during my own pregnancy. But if they’re your thing, this one is definitely worth a try. And actually it’s won me over, so it must be good.

It’s got the all important chamomile to calm and alleviate cramps and mandarin to temper morning sickness and offer a little mood-boost, but the main scent (in my bottle, at any rate) is sweet jasmin. All I can think, massaging it in, is that a pregnant woman would feel like a bit of a goddess wearing this blend, both pre- and post-natal. It sinks in best post-shower on damp skin, I think – going onto my exceptionally dry skin it did leave a slight residue, but a nice one nonetheless, certainly not the sticky, greasy layer I’ve come to expect of body oil. It’s also a beautiful one to share with your baby at bedtime. It’ll moisturize the most sensitive of skin with apricot kernel oil, and will make a good scalp oil if your baby gets cradle cap. At £50 it isn’t the cheapest, but the old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly apt here. It even SMELLS expensive.

It was actually the first in the Shiffa line, as founder, Dr Lamees Hamdan created it to nurture her own skin during pregnancy. I asked Dr Hamdan, how did the oil come to be?

“When I got pregnant, I found there were so few luxury products geared towards pregnancy, and what was available had a dismal array of ingredients, that, being a medical doctor, I knew weren’t really going to do much for my skin.  So I created my own.  I was my own guinea pig!  I used the most premium oils and natural extracts, organic, and created a wonderful pregnancy oil, that not only addressed the stretch mark concern, but all other concerns.  Such as the tiredness and exhaustion you feel when pregnant , I added essential l oils to lift the mood and the spirits, and relax you body. My pregnancy oil contains a mixture of 10 nourishing base oils – yes 10! – and a selection of carefully chosen gentle essential oils, and that is why it is effective. A key one is avocado oil – studies have shown that it greatly increases the water-soluble collagen content in the dermis. My two older daughters (11 and 13 yrs) still use the oil now as they are growing and their body is changing shape.”

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