The easiest manicure EVER: Intensae



Not long ago I flagged up the latest 5-free nail polish to launch, Intensae. It turns out the range is a real game-changer. The charming founders sent me a selection to try, and among them I found my perfect polish and most likely yours. Not only is it called ‘Grace’ (immediately irresistible) but it’s also got the kind of brush, consistency and finish that makes painting your nails a very quick and painless flick of the wrist rather than the hours of drawn out, fiddly rollering of gloop. It’s thin enough to glide on but only requires one coat ( the picture above is with just one); it got the tiniest particles of glitter so that it satisfies my magpie eye but still retains an air of sophistication, and it seems to dry very quickly. What’s more, the metallic finish means you don’t have to be SO steady-handed – metallics can belie the worst of applications. This is not only low on the toxic scale, but it’s also the first polish I’ve used in ages that actually fits into a mother’s time poor day. And THAT, ladies  and gents is the longest I have ever spent talking about one nail polish. It’s that good.


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