Galvin and Galvin Dubble Trubble Shampoo


In an ideal world, I would always wash my baby’s hair with plain water. I don’t want anything that foams up, anything perfumed or anything that cleanses too harshly. I would also keep her in her own personal bubble that kept everyone and everything away from her. Soooo, back to reality now, and if she’s anything like me or her father, she’s going to be overcome with knots by the time she’s 5 or 6. That baby hair that is still so fine and relatively easy to wash with the purest, most gentle of cleansers will soon need a little extra cleaning power, and no doubt she’ll need something to persuade her it’s not the soap-in-the-eyes, hair-pulling ordeal I remember hair washing being as a child. That’s when I see Galvin & Galvin’s shampoos as a potential pal. Right now it’s not on the bathtime menu for my baby – it’s designed for ages 3-11 and I try to stick to super simple formulations for her very fine hair – but I have tried them on my own hair and have to admit, they do a good job. No knots (and my hair’s bleached!) and I can imagine the smells – cucumber, strawberry, cherry, watermelon and banana – appealing to little ones. If your child has eczema or other extreme skin sensitivities, these might not be for you, but they’re free from parabens, the dreaded SLS, mineral oils and animal ingredients so should suit most youngsters.

At £2.99 each, it won’t break the bank to try them and a portion of the proceeds is donated to The Princes Trust.


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