Bamford Baby Bath and Massage Oil


Before I had any kind of routine or bedtime in place for my baby, we had baby massage. Every evening I’d use the various techniques I’d learnt through Baby Calm to help Emie grow accustomed to her body, how her skin felt and soothe her ready for a good sleep (we hoped). By 6 months though she was far too wriggly to make it work – it became an exercise in keeping her slippery little body on the changing table, as she rolled from side to side trying to grab the bottle of oil. But recently I discovered a new oil and have tried again: Bamford Baby Bath and Massage Oil £28. I wish I’d found it sooner, it is DIVINE. While I don’t put anything in Emie’s bath – certain ingredients can alter the pH balance of the vagina and cause thrush, among other things – I do think this is a delicious tonic for a pre-bedtime massage, and it certainly banished that little hint of dryness last week. I’ve made it part of her evening once again, and she loves it, rubbing her own feet like a mini reflexologist, and noticeably calms down as the chamomile and lavender wafts around her little head. I highly recommend this gorgeous oil for young babies and new mamas alike – whack a little on your legs and arms before bed and it’s like you’ve floated in from a spa.


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