HAUTE MAMA: Alice Du Parcq

Alice warmer head shot high res

When Alice recommends a product, you LISTEN. She has been the beauty maven of titles such as Easy Living and Brides, and now runs the fabulous YouTube channel, The Beauty Of It, with Emma Gunavardhana, offering honest expert reviews of every product under the sun. She is also pregnant, and I was dying to know what she has been using as you can bet on her picking the crème de la crème of baby beauty. GT

“I created a daily ritual to keep me sane and in control. Because my body and mind are going through such a massive change I felt it was a good idea to have a few ‘constants’ to make me feel human and feminine! Every morning, without fail, I shower with the most beautiful L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil – it turns into a frothy milk when mixed with water and the comforting nutty scent is quite grounding. Then it’s Operation: Stretchmarks, and even though I know they are fairly unavoidable and irreparable, I’ve been applying Clarins Stretch Mark Control Cream with a drizzle of Clarins Toning Body Oil. It makes my skin feel so comfortable all day and I haven’t had that ‘itchy bump’ thing yet. Even though I work from home, that’s no excuse not to perfume oneself! Since those early, hideous morning-sickness weeks (I had 16 of them – urgh!) I’ve been drawn to refreshing citrus scents to scoop me out of nausea hell. One that’s really stuck with me is Jo Loves Pomelo. It’s based on a Thai citrus fruit that’s zingy and sharp, but also mellow and soft so it won’t smack you round the face like some lemony perfumes will. As for my skin, I’m having a girl so she’s totally sucked all the life out of me and left me with a grim, grey complexion! To counteract that I’m using Clarins Radiance Plus moisturiser every couple of days (it has a low dose of self-tan in it) and whatever else I use, be it foundation, day cream or tinted moisturiser, I mix in a few drops of Bamford Organic facial oil. It give me a healthy dewy ‘cellophane skin’ look that lasts most of the day.”


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