Lily Lolo: Natural Makeup without the ‘Ugh’


I have to admit, I didn’t swap to wholly organic makeup when pregnant. I knew it was out there and knew it had come on leaps and bounds since the first flaky eye shadows and insipid mascaras, but I couldn’t see any harm in carrying on with the regime I had in place to cover the myriad of skin complaints I’d developed. I wouldn’t recommend you did differently either – the changes you make should be more skincare-orientated. That stat that’s bandied around – “60% of what goes on your skin ends up in your BLOOD!!” – was in my mind, but I also had some very well-respected skincare experts (and they themselves, mothers) telling me it would take a whole lot of foundation to harm my baby. However, I recently came across Lily Lolo and realised just how easy it really is to make the change to a more natural makeup bag, should you wish. After all, many of us will do anything to limit the toxin count when pregnant, and this is a really pleasant way to do so. It’s also something I like the idea of for new mothers, not just because it’s probably kinder to your sensitised skin, but because should your baby be caught gumming on your chin, it’s potentially kinder to them too…

All Lily Lolo products are paraben, perfume and dye-free, as well as approved by the BUAV (so no cruelty to animals) and totally non-comedongenic. It’s not 100% natural of course (duh, it’s makeup after all), but all ingredients used are naturally derived and harsh chemicals aren’t welcome.

My top picks are the Shimmer Stripes £19.99 – a highlighter-cum-blush which adds that all-important pregnant glow we’re all after, but works just as well as a palette of individual eyeshadows and to warm up the whole face during those deathly pale moments – and the Natural Lipsticks £8.99 since they’re what are most likely ingested (sorry, that sounds gross, but it’s true). I have a berry hue which at first intimidated the hell out of me, but when I applied it was actually far more subtle than the bullet suggested and lasted incredibly well. Intense Crush and French Flirt will suit just about anybody.

So that’s a pregnant glow without an ounce of guilt. Parfait.


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