A PBG Christmas gift: Win NEOM Cocooning Kit

Cocooning Feel Amazing Treats

I haven’t ever run a competition on this site. Partly because I would only offer my readers something I felt was really beneficial. But when Neom’s Nicola Elliott suggested she could provide a prize, I couldn’t think of a better Christmas present for one of you. Neom’s Cocooning Kit (usually £52) was a serious highlight of my own pregnancy regime, and I still use the bath oil now, knowing it’s safe to use while breastfeeding.

A pampering and comforting blend of ylang ylang, chamomile and mandarin, it makes for the perfect antidote to tiredness and nausea. The special kit contains Cocooning Bath Oil (50ml) made with vitamin-packed organic safflower; Cocooning Body Oil (100ml) an essential treat for bumps and post-natal tummy massage, and a Cocooning Travel Treatment Candle (75g), for on-the-go comfort.

Elle’s Deputy Beauty Editor, Georgia Day also recommends it here (as does Sienna Miller, doncha know), and it’s the one thing I buy all my pregnant friends, regardless of skin type and taste. Everyone loves it. “At Neom we’re consistently asked whether essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy,” says Nicola, “It’s a real unknown zone for many pregnant women who want to reap the huge benefits of essential oils at such an important time, but really not sure if they should. We wanted to offer these women a clear and simple product with a blend of the right essential oils and the right percentage, 100% safe to use during pregnancy too.” So now, dear readers, one of you will get a tasty little dose yourself. All you have to do is click here and visit the Neom site – it’s an easy prize draw from there that simply asks for your name and email address.

GOOD LUCK and much love xx


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