Hospital and Post-Partum Skincare – A Survival Kit


I can definitely remember comparing my state the week post-birth with a hangover. Tired, delirious and fairly gross, any washing or cleansing was a real treat as I adjusted to life with my daughter. Of course, it was far preferable to a hangover – people kept bringing me food, I was a hundred times more excited about every moment to come and I felt none of the morning-after guilt that plagues me after a night on the sauce. But all the same, I needed lots of the same tonics.

That’s why when I saw KORRES’ Party Survival Gift Set £19 I thought, I wish I’d had that this time last year – the happily natural contents are perfect for new mothers, whether you take it to hospital with you or work into your brief moments of alone time when you’re home.

KORRES WHITE TEA FACIAL FLUID GEL CLEANSER contains vegetable-derived alternatives to soap so that it cleans without stripping you of your natural – and essential – oils. KORRES WILD ROSE 24-HOUR MOISTURISING AND BRIGTHENING CREAM uses powerhouse antioxidant Grape Seed to strengthen skin’s defence, and frankly anything with rose oil gets my vote – reparative, moisturising and highly recommended for use during both pregnancy and early motherhood. KORRES ΑLOE & DITTANY SHAMPOO is mild – essential when your hair may well be shedding by the fistful, and KORRES GUAVA SHOWER GEL is creamy enough to moisturise as well as cleanse the most delicate and sensitised skin, making shower time – however brief between feeds – a total treat. Finally, KORRES BASIL LEMON BODYMILK is the zesty wake-up call you sometimes need after a sleepless night. I’m not sure all mothers will find time to moisturise from head to toe, but in winter it’s especially important to do so when you can. This is also a delicious lotion for pregnant women, with the all-important citrus scent to temper morning sickness and stretch-soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba. What’s not to love?


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