Conditioning nails with polish? Easy.

Real bitches love Rih

Ladies, if you’re still seeking a toxin-free alternative to your favourite nail polish now you’re up the duff, you may have come across the name Eve Snow. It is another of the ‘benefit-led’ brands but as well as limiting the toxin count of their formulas (as Orly and Butter London have been doing for years) they also include nourishing ingredients to condition the nails. I spoke to founder, Yvette Snow.

What was the driving force behind Eve Snow?

“I think we are living in the era of the ‘conscious consumer’ where people want to know more about what it is in the products they’re using and whether or not these ingredients are damaging or not to their health or skin. So we’ve taken out several toxins including DBP, Formaldehyde and Camphor and have replaced them with a trio of nourishing ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Argan oil and Vitamin E. They all contribute to healthier and more nourished nails as well as providing high-shine colour coats due to our higher pigment count.”

What can our pregnant women expect next from Eve Snow?

“I want to develop the eve snow nail range into more exciting nail treatments and nourishing combinations, pedicure treatments and accessories. We also plan on expanding into other key ‘colour cosmetic’ products such as lipsticks, which I’m very excited about. Another thing I would love to do is launch an eve snow nail bar next year.”

Eve Snow is available at, at £14 for colour and £15 for treatments.


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