HAUTE MAMA: Natasha Poliszczuk


I spent most of my pregnancy as Beauty Editor of Glamour Magazine, which meant I left pretty much all the baby shopping to the very last minute as I focused on glitzier things like not barfing on my desk. Thank goodness for Natasha, Assistant Editor at Glamour, and mother to the divine nearly-three year old, Claudia. She helped find all the essentials, assured me a punnet-a-day strawberry habit was normal and then advised on all manner of post-natal crazies when Emie was born. She also pours her substantial know-how and style credentials into a blog, Wear and Where – add it to your favourites immediately. Still, her pregnancy beauty habits were a well-guarded secret…UNTIL NOW. I’ve already committed them all – along with every other recommendation of Natasha’s – to memory. And my shopping list.

“I had my little girl in a (bitterly cold) December, so the last leg of my pregnancy was pretty chilly. It really dried out my skin, so I slathered vats of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter on my bump. Not glamorous, but it worked. I also used Nude’s Replenish Daily Moisturiser – ultra-hydrating and packed with goodness.”

“First up on my absolute must-haves for my girl: Burts Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Body Wash. Baby Bee is such a great range and I love all their products (I can’t imagine putting anything non-organic or littered with chemical nasties on her delicate skin), but this is my favourite – and now the smell always makes me think of Clauds. Secondly, I adore the brilliant, multi-purpose Baby Balm by Bloom & Blossom – this little wonder pot is good for sore skin, nappy rash, dry skin, the works. It even helped heal chicken pox scars. (Bonus: you can use it on your skin, too.)”


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