Exfoliating sensitive skin: go Clarisonic


So in between the gestational acne, the eczema and the PEP, I also had exceptionally dry and oily skin in equal measures. Other than a couple of sessions early on in my pregnancy, my usual preferred facial of microdermabrasion was off the menu (most therapists won’t offer it during pregnancy due to skin’s increased sensitivity), as were peels and even the gentlest of scrubs which sent my face the colour of strawberries. Then I tried my mother’s Clarisonic facial brush for the first time (with a spare brush head, I hasten to add – never share brushes!) I had steered clear until then – it struck me as potentially unhygienic and too like my toothbrush to be good for my face, but with the gentlest brush and a little facial balm to soften the cleanse, it did wonders for my skin, which really needed a deep clean without abrasion. I cleaned the brush almost to an obsessive level to avoid spreading leftover sebum over my face, but otherwise it was a very welcome – and timely – addition to my pregnancy regime. I’ve just been sent my very own brush, and am reminded how good it really is, especially as the seasons change and my skin is reacting to my usual peels and scrubs again.

Now there’s the new Aria model, which comes with 3 settings you can adapt according to your skin type – sensitive, normal and oily – and even better aid to attaining that elusive pregnant glow…


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