Kadria gets a makeover

kadria supporting bath and massage oil

Before I even thought about getting pregnant, I wrote about Kadria. (I actually conceived around 2 weeks after the story went live, quite unexpectedly – take that as you will…) As a natural, aromatherapy-focused brand for pregnancy and nursing it really caught my eye. Rebecca Wright had channelled her experiences of being a mother and an aromatherapist into a pampering collection to ease the stresses and strains of pregnancy, soothe the restless mind of a new mother and generally treat the body with the love and support it deserves.

Nearly two years later, she has updated her collection – packaging and formulas – and finally PBG can unveil her new wares.

My personal favourite is the Labour Oil (how fantastic to have something you KNOW is safe to use during labour?), now the new and improved Supporting Bath and Massage Oil, suitable for use after 37 weeks. “We still have clary sage, lavender and frankincense,” says Rebecca, “Clary sage in particular has been proven to help with supporting the birthing process, while lavender and frankincense calm and ground respectively.  I wanted this oil to not only be something a mum would use in the few weeks leading up to birth but something she could keep using for support after the birth, so I added Glycereth-8 olive oil esters.”  This has the added benefit of being water soluble, so you can use it directly on the skin but it can also be washed off, leaving no oily residue, or as a pre-shower conditioning treatment.
There are baby products too – come back soon to see reviews and my top picks.


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