REVIEW: This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray


Sleep – the holy grail of motherhood. When you’re not getting enough, it’s often all you can think about. You’ll resort to any means necessary to get your newborn off to sleep – rocking, feeding, patting, singing, swinging from cot to drawers to door frame to avoid treading on the squeaky floorboards of the nursery… Yes, I’ve done that. I’ve also read nearly every book going on how to encourage good sleep habits in your baby. I’d like to think it was our dedication to helping her learn to sleep well in her cot but in reality I suspect my daughter decided for herself when she would sleep through (3 and a half months), when she would stop doing that (6 months) and when she would then settle into an 11-hour sleep overnight with the 2 naps required for me to start writing again, and it seemed that our efforts had very little affect on that. Now, don’t think me smug at this point. As soon as the next tooth, the next cold, the next trip away comes, we’ll most likely be as bleary-eyed as ever. But I do have a new coping mechanism should this luxurious amount of sleep curtail once again: This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray £16. It’s 100% natural fragrance and safety approved, soothing baby’s senses without risk of skin irritation. There are no Parabens, sulphates or phthalates, so both you and your baby can rest easy.

I’m not saying this is a failsafe cure for every child who doesn’t sleep through. But it is lovely, and does seem to have an impact on relaxing our girl when we pop her in her cot. And she does average 12-13 hours sleep with two spritzes on her sheets – maybe she’s just knackered, but I’m taking no chances! Jo Malone told me about using a tiny dot of cologne on her son’s pyjamas, so that he associated this smell with getting ready to sleep, and I think Emie has a similar association with this gorgeous lavender scent. I hope it will make future trips away easier, as we take the smell of home with us. I’d definitely recommend this spray – for your own pillow, too – but sleep problems can go far deeper than a bit of relaxation, so don’t expect immediate results.


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