Review: Mama Mio OMega Body Buff


Whatever the season, there’s nothing like a good scrub to keep your skin smooth. You can pile on all the lotions and butters you like, but if you haven’t exfoliated, it’s hardly worth it. During pregnancy though, your skin is often more sensitive – mine came out in welts if I dried it with a rough towel, for goodness’ sake. So a pregnancy-specific scrub would have been greatly appreciated to hit the middle ground. This is it: Mama Mio’s OMega Body Buff £23.

You actually apply it to dry skin, then massage it in, and shower. You can also use it as a microdermabrasion-style face scrub, but do so with a generous helping of warm water. It’s free from junk, smells great and does indeed leave skin feeling refreshed and smooth – even trouble spots like the back of the arms and knees. I’m still using it now, nearly a year after delivering.

More good news: Mama Mio stocks Tracy Anderson’s THE PREGNANCY PROJECT workout too – along with the Tummy Rub. Just £45 for the lot – bargain.


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